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ice blaster

VersaScreen Pro is manufactured by GSB Services, LLC in Delafield, WI. This southeast Wisconsin location is in the heart of the Kettle Moraine where rolling hills, forests, and heavily wooded homesites abound, creating a need for gutter protection. The diverse tree species and varied home styles has been the ideal proving grounds for VersaScreen Pro and VersaScreen IceBlaster.

Gutter protection system should be adaptable. With so many styles, shapes and sizes of gutters (or eaves troughs) in use today, VersaScreen Pro is easily customized to fit on K style, half round, box, yankee, and many other styles of gutters. Low sloped and steep pitched roofs are no problem for the versatility of VersaScreen Pro. One product can be used on 4", 5", 6", or 7" gutters.

A Gutter Protection System Should Be:roofing


A gutter guard has to be easily adaptable to many different gutter styles, roof pitches and installation challenges. The aluminum construction means VersaScreen Gutter Protection is easily customized to fit a variety of situations. It might be the most easily customized product on the market today. Five or Six inch gutters, Steep Pitch or Low Slope roofs, Fascia Mount or Slide Under the Shingles.  One product for all colors of gutters and roofs.


Some gutter protection products are very flimsy. They are not even able to stand up the to weight of the leaves that collect on them or the load of snow and ice build up. Some are made of materials that quickly degrade and fall apart. A gutter guard should be able to stand up to the load of leaves and ice and be durable enough not to disintegrate under leave decay and UV impact. It should also be able to stand up to falling nuts and sticks and last as long as the aluminum gutters they are mounted on. VersaScreen Pro is constructed from .040 aluminum which is 20% thicker than standard aluminum gutters. VersaScreen 5 is constructed from .032 aluminum which is as thick as standard aluminum gutters. Shouldn't the product that sits on top of a gutter be at least as thick as the gutter itself? Other gutter guards are made from thinner material to lower the cost of the product. But, this has a downside - faulty gutter covers that wear out too soon and sag into the gutter.


Gutter guards need to be effective against a variety of tree litter problems. It should be fine enough to prevent seeds and leaves from entering and clogging downspouts, but not so fine to plug up with tree sap, pollen, and asphalt oils leaching from roofing products. Competitor products promise to keep every thing out of the gutter. Yet, these promises also come with a catch - maintenance is required if the openings become plugged with pollen, tree sap, asphaltic oils, and leaf litter. VersaScreen Gutter Protection is sized perfectly to prevent a variety of tree debris from entering the gutter without plugging up from sap or pollen.

All Season Protection:

Many gutter guards build up with ice and ice dams. They are not the cause of ice dams - melting snow and below freezing temps are. But gutter guards do provide a place for ice dams to form and become visible very quickly. So the product should be able to provide a solution to ice dams on gutter guards. VersaScreen IceBlaster provides true ice dam and icicle prevention. With multiple heat cable options, the versatility of VersaScreen IceBlaster is the solution the gutter guards and ice dams. Some products only allow a heat cable at the front edge and then require expensive heat panel add ons to achieve similar results to the VersaScreen IceBlaster Heated Gutter Guard. Other products drape a heat cable over the hangers of the gutter themselves - calling that a professional solution. Please visit the IceBlaster Page for more information.


After careful considering the above information, reverse curve products and stainless steel micro meshes should be ruled out as well as large diamond patterns and vinyl or plastic products. Products that had heavy extruded aluminum frames are too rigid, inappropriate and not a great choice unless conditions are perfect. Their rigid bodies distorted shingles and gutters alike. Because many reverse curve gutter covers also are difficult to heat, ice dams are a problem. Vinyl or black plastic products were observed to be too flimsy, short lived and did not work well with preventing leaf litter from entering the gutter.

The desired should be one that has holes small enough to filter out gutter clogging debris, is strong enough to stand up to heavy loads, is aesthetically pleasing and not highly visible from the ground, and is able to combat ice dams and icicles should this be a concern. The Product is VersaScreen Pro and VersaScreen IceBlaster.

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VersaScreen Gutter Protection

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