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Tiled showers are one of the most common source areas we see for water damage.

Water will cause damage by either leaking through tile grout or leaking at corners where dissimilar materials cause the grout to crack. Proper maintenance requires grout sealing and application of silicone caulk along corners, caps and curbs.

The most difficult repairs occur at the shower curb, capped wall and shower pan. The pictures below show a very expensive custom tile shower with a marble curb cap that has failed. The pan liner was improperly installed, causing the damage you can see, as well as ceiling damage below. This bathroom was remodeled by others 3 years ago.

To repair this problem, we removed the glass enclosure, damaged tile wall, backer (MR board), framing and base. We replaced the damaged framing, fabricated a custom cast polymer one piece shower base, installed wall backer (Advantek), and installed cast polymer walls, shampoo holder, curb and cap. We blended the new shower into the existing tile above the splash line approximately 5 feet up and retained the old controller. A heavy glass enclosure was then installed.


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