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Prevent & Eliminate Ice Dams at Eaves and Valleys of Your Roof

Residential - Our ice dam prevention systems are expertly designed to handle the diverse ice dam problems encountered throughout the country. We have products to meet your expectations.

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Melts Snow at Eaves Valley Close Up
Melts Snow in Valleys and Eaves Snow Melting at Eaves Close Up


When adjacent roofs come together they form a "valley" or channel that funnels water down to the eave. These metal channels can create ice dam formations, and resulting problems. These valleys create a perfect spot for Winter snow to collect and build. Our ice dam prevention product can prevent ice dams from damaging your roof by keeping it from collecting in these valleys. We help solve solve your roof and gutter ice dams. Feel free to call us for more information about our heated valleys 585-624-5130.


Prevent dangerous icicles from forming at the eaves of your house. An eave is where your roof and gutter hang over the side of your house. This area is often where icy water collects and builds up into ice dams. Ice dams can be destructive to your home. Our product "blasts" away the ice from your eaves by heating it so the water can run off properly and ice cannot form.

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