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Commercial Tile Repair

Timing is everything, especially when you own and operate a cinema. That makes scheduling and performing work difficult, especially on jobs, like tile replacement, that demands dry times and repeat visits. To accommodate our client, work was performed between the hours of 1AM and 10AM.

An expansion gap (we think) had created approximately 90 cracked tiles, (see picture a). No original tiles were available, and no tile specs were available. A close match was found, but the matched tile was found in Italy, in August. It took over 2 months to receive the multiple cartons of tile (and yes, we ordered extra). Once we had the matching tile and grout, several tasks were performed to complete the job.

The first task was to remove the damaged tile and underlying thin set (picture b) without causing too much damage to adjacent tile and the underlying concrete slab. A hammer and chisel was used to start, and a rotary hammer drill was used to finish. Once the slab was smooth and clean, 2 part high viscosity Epoxy was injected into the crack. A fiber mesh tape was then laid over the crack and coated with a crack isolation coating (RedGard) (picture c). Finally, an elastomeric thin set (allows flexibility) was trowel applied, matching tile set, and once firm, matching grout was applied (picture d).

So far, so good, no cracks yet!

Commercial Tile Repair Rochester NY