I am sure we all are familiar with the saying April showers bring May flowers. Although the people in the greater Rochester area certainly have it worse than a lot of other cities since we have an immense amount of rainy days throughout the year. Often times those rainy days can lead to flooding basements and water seepage. In addition during bad storms the power can shut off leaving your sump pump not being able to efficiently work if you do not have a backup generator. Even days when it is not raining, Jeff Tallon Enterprises realizes that people can still have problems with their sump pump as well as old leaky pipes that can lead to water seepage in basements and moldy walls. Moldy walls if not taken care of can be immensely harmless to your health and one leaky pipe can lead to 10 more and eventually your whole house could have water seepage.

Jeff Tallon enterprise specializes in repairs, modifications, and improvements and with a team of highly skilled professionals can provide your home with quality service to prevent a water infested and moldy basement. Often times one’s basement is a playroom for their kids, a laundry area, and a storage facility and you do not want water to ruin that area. If you are nervous or have questions then Jeff Tallon can surely assist you. Whether the task is big or small Jeff Tallon Enterprises can prevent the water seepage from happening or of it is too late that have all the equipment and skilled employees to take care of the job.

Our services include waterproofing, mold & mildew control, structural repairs, and sump pump installation. We do not just patch up the problem but go straight to the source! We try and make sure your issues will not occur again by installing our preventative drainage systems. Call us today at 585-624-5130 for a free estimate and consultation and please do not wait too long if your basement is in rough safe because it can be hazardous to your health. We care about our customer’s health and satisfaction first always!