Is your toilet leaking?

water leaking damageDo you  notice water on the floor by your toilet? It may be a bad seal, faulty shutoff valve or damage supply.  Do you hear water running periodically into your toilet at constant intervals throughout the day and night?  It may be a faulty fill valve, siphoning fill tube, faulty flush valve or water above the overflow pipe.  Water leaking from your toilet or into your toilet should be repaired immediately.  At Jeff Tallon Enterprises, our experienced mechanics can quickly find the source of the leak, repair the leak and repair any damage caused by the leak to leave your toilet leak and mess-free.

Leaky faucet or sink?

Your sink and sink cabinets are exposed to moisture on a daily basis and leaks in these areas are often overlooked as a cause of water damage. If you notice excess water around your sink and cabinets, it’s possible that you have a leak in your faucet supply, faucet or drain. We at Jeff Tallon Enterprises have the expertise to find the location of the leak and repair it effectively to prevent future water damage.