Mendon, NY- Rotted molding, especially near the ground is a common situation we encounter here at JeT.  In the “good old days” craftsmen used wood meant for exterior use. Cedar, white oak and red wood were the go to lumber for long term exterior projects.  But like many things in our disposable society, good materials got real expensive and common materials, mass produced, got real cheap. Guess what most contractors use, when bidding a job?  The least expensive material possible. Can’t blame them, and can’t blame the homeowner, costs a lot of money to build a “cheap” house these days. Exposure to rain and snow is wood’s natural enemy, just like trees rot on the forest floor, trim wood can rot on your house.  We live in an area of the country that is brutal on building materials. Lots of extremes in our weather conditions.


Here is a great example of a typical repair we do when the original builder’s materials fail.  Customer calls up and says “I have a few pieces of molding that need replacing, they may be rotted.”  After 22 years in this business we know all the problems are seldom on the surface. We explain to the homeowner how we will proceed and what we will most likely find.  First step is to remove the rotted molding.

Once the molding is off, we can see how the 4 boards that make up this post have extensive rot at the bottom.  Look at the picture below to see how the entire porch roof was being supported by these two rotted posts.


We Cut all four boards above the rot, then attached pressure treated wood, making these load bearing posts fully functional again.  They were then finished trimmed with Azek, a fully synthetic molding material, making this porch surpass the standard of “good as new”.