Remodeling your bathroom to create your ideal nirvana for your relaxation and bathing needs is an investment in improving the value of your home and giving you a space created by you to suit your wants for the perfect environment. Choosing a licensed contractor to perform the service for your bathroom remodel is the most important part of your project because getting a quality end product requires a high level of expertise and the right materials. Jeff Tallon Enterprises, LLC specializes in the most complex bathroom projects in Rochester, NY.

Maybe you have a small bathroom with shower only and want to add new shower liner. We can do that! 

So what is actually required for a bathroom remodel?


Many older bathrooms have outdated tile on the walls that most homeowners want removed as quickly as possible. The problem here is that the tiles were anchored to the wall studs through the drywall that is underneath so not just the tile is going to be removed during the demo process.

Flooring can be a problem as well because bathroom floors usually rot over time and the floor joists need to be shored up or taken out of the home in pieces before being restored with new materials. This can be a time consuming process.

Structural Work

If you are doing a bathroom remodel of a small bathroom, you may want to expand the size of the bathroom or move the existing walls to make the bathroom more accommodating to your needs. To do this, a skilled carpenter will move the existing walls and line the plaster up with the remaining walls so it maintains a natural looking flow.

Rough Work

During demolition, the walls will be opened and exposed so we will be able to work on updating your utility functions like water pipes, drainage, electricity outlets and switches, and heating/air conditioning.

Sheetrock Installation

Because bathrooms are moist environments, a moisture resistant sheetrock and a vapor barrier is installed to prevent mold and rot issues as much as is possible for a bathroom environment. Then, a 100% waterproof backer board is installed to prep the walls for tile in the bathtub or shower stall.

Tile Instalation

Tiling is a unique art form that should be done by a professional to get you the most visually stunning final product. This is a labor intensive and time intensive part of your project. Expect to not be able to use the bathroom at all during this time, especially if you are planning on tiling the floor, walls, shower, and all associated bathroom pieces.

Installing the fixtures, cabinets, vanities

This step is usually a combination job of contractors, electricians, and plumbers since there are so many moving parts and pieces here. After these pieces are installed any necessary hardware is put into place.

Painting or wallpaper

Wallpaper is usually not advised in bathrooms due to the humidity but it is up to your discretion. We choose to paint last to prevent any nicks in the paint from the rest of the remodel. The paint really jazzes up the room and puts the final touches on your dream bathroom.

Being an educated consumer is always good because you are able to have a conversation with your contractor and know the questions that need to be asked in order to get the job done to your desires. Please feel free to share your thoughts on bathroom remodels.