A master bathroom is an oasis…an exotic place inside your house, thanks to the large shower or tub inside. It is a sanctuary, remaining separate from the main part of the house. Bathrooms are essential to a home, but having a master bathroom is a luxury that is hard to pass up. Is your bathroom in bad shape? Does it look outdated? Do you dream of having your own private bathroom? If you need to remodel your bathroom, call Jeff Tallon Enterprises Inc.

At Jeff Tallon Enterprises Inc., we work on the whole bathroom because we see the big picture of your vision, and can add additional features that can make it top notch. For example, we can heat your floor with special tiles so you won’t have cold feet when you walk on them. We can add tradition and luxury with a bidet. We can also update your countertops, cabinets, and doors to give it a great appearance. Your shower or bath will be upgraded to a fuller size, with a custom shower enclosure and all-around tiles. We will work closely with you to achieve the needs and desires you have for your bathroom as well as making recommendations when necessary.

In addition, we will improve your toilet, faucet, and exhaust fan. Everything will be modernized and upgraded into the 21st century. Remember, this is a sanctuary inside your home. We will make sure it is spacious, comfortable, and that it blends functionality with great aesthetics. We can help you add some color and personality too. Check our gallery online to start dreaming, and see what we can do for your bathroom!

We create incredibly functional master bathrooms for your house and make your special place a reality. We have worked on more than 5,000 homes and are independently operated – this means no subcontractors are involved in the projects. Call us for a free estimate today! You can count on our years of experience in creating a special master bathroom for your home.

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