Compare the sloped, black, heavy gauge powder coated aluminum gutter protection (A) to the competitors (B). The horizontal, thin gauge aluminum cover has small, poorly draining perforations that get clogged with accumulating debris (C). The sloping design and large perforations prevent this (D).

Most importantly, the VersaScreen Leaf Guards can be fitted with the patented IceMelt System for year-round leaf/ice protection (F). The VersaScreen lies on top of a heavy aluminum extrusion slotted to receive safe, industrial grade Self Regulating Heater Cable (G). 

The heated gutter protection, along with heated valley protection (H), work in conjunction with heated gutters (I) and downspout (J) to complete the path for melted roof ice. Industrial grade breakers (K) and digital thermostats (L) provide a quality, dependable, long lasting roof ice and gutter protection system.