Is your shower/bathtub leaking?

If you notice water spots on the ceiling below your bathroom, it's possible you have a leaking shower and/or bathtub. With a leaking shower/bathtub comes water damage to your home, which can cause mold, insect infestation, wood rot, sagging plaster or sheetrock, and the need for serious repairs. The problem with bathroom leaks is finding the source of the leak and dealing with it effectively to avoid additional water damage.

It may be the walls, curb, surround, valves, supply, drain or vent that is leaking. Leave the task of fixing leaking bathrooms in the hands of Jeff Tallon Enterprises. We provide the experience and tenacity necessary to detect the problem and repair the leaks.

Do you have broken tiles or cracked tile grout?

cracked shower before

Crack repair using cast polymer

shower crack repair after

Did you know that insurance companies determine tile showers to last only 15 years? Over years of wear and tear to your shower, tiles may begin to bulge and crack, causing the grout between tiles to separate, leaving you with water leaking into the walls or floor space of your shower. This causes water damage to your walls and floors that if not taken care of correctly could lead to even worse damage and expensive repairs. At Jeff Tallon Enterprises, we repair the damage caused by leaking tile and effectively replace faulty tiles to prevent further damage.