Here at Jeff Tallon we have watched the increase of DIY home improvement with interest as our clients save themselves hundreds of dollars by taking on small projects on their own. The only problem with DIY is that many people decide to take on projects that are too large for the amateur to do properly. Where putting in a new lamp or painting a room is entirely manageable for a homeowner, an investment improvement project as large as a bathroom remodel should never be attempted without professional expertise and skill. There are many reasons that our remodeling work has been very successful over the years, but all of them are based upon our desire to help homeowners get the results they want at the prices they want without having to sacrifice quality and professional insight.

What Professionals Offer

When you come to us at Jeff Tallon Enterprises, you don't need to feel pressure to make any decisions right away. No project like a bathroom remodel should be undertaken until you're completely sure you know what you want or can afford. Still, when you're wondering what you could do and if you could afford it, professionals are going to be your best chance at getting an accurate picture for decision-making. Here at Jeff Tallon, not only will we be more than happy to talk with you about the potential for any project, but we’ll also provide free estimates on the materials and labor necessary to do the job right.

Some homeowners want to do the work themselves but have no idea where to begin. Other homeowners want to have a say in every decision of design but leave the work to professionals. Still others would prefer to simply have professionals come in, show them some designs, and get to work. It doesn't matter what category you fall under when it comes to design and production; we're excited to work with you in whatever capacity you need our professional advice. We can help draw up designs, we can follow designs, and we can create designs for your remodel without any problem at all.

Jeff Tallon has all the tools (both general and specialized) needed to do any remodel or renovation project. For our team at Jeff Tallon, renovations and remodeling projects in Rochester are some of the most exciting projects we work on because we get to help you make your dream home come to life.