Any standard bathroom can be remodeled into a luxurious, custom retreat. Whether you are seeking a gut job and remodel, or just to upgrade a few features, Jeff Tallon can help you with every step. Not only will you love your new bathroom, but are making an investment in your home. Most home improvement experts agree that a bathroom remodel can yield a 60-70% return on investment for the property owner. No matter the size of your current bathroom, a remodel can make it seem more spacious and updated.

A complete bathroom gutting will allow all new features and even a new layout. Jeff Tallon will help you redesign your bathroom to something that you love. If you are not in need of a total remodel, but just need a few features updated, there are a few things to consider. With tons of options, let an expert help you to get the most out of your investment.

Features such as a continuous hot water heater will transform the utilities in your bathroom. This works by having a tankless hot water heater that gives you continuous hot water, whenever you need it. Installing this product will allow you to not worry about hot water ever again! There’s no need to prioritize what gets hot water first when you have an endless supply. Worrying about running the dishwasher while someone in the shower is a thing of the past with tankless water heaters.

Experience the luxury of a shower with a multiple jetted shower. Whether you want to experience a rain shower head or a shower with multiple body jets, it’s all within reach. A customized shower is almost standard in new bath remodels. Also, a new shower basin will transform your showering experience and convert your bathroom from its current look.

New floor tiling in your bathroom will really update the space. Jeff Tallon can help you find what works best for your style and the room. Want something different then tiling? Another luxury to consider is radiant floor heating. On brisk mornings, experience a warm space, unlike tile flooring which tends to be cold to touch.

Jeff Tallon can help you every step of the way of your bath remodel. Make your bathroom a retreat, something for you to really enjoy. While creating resale value for your home.