They say that spring showers bring may flowers, but they can also bring flooding and water damage to your beautiful home. Home flooding and water damage can be a serious issue to deal with when trying to keep your home safe and looking nice. Water damage can affect many important aspects to your home such as causing wood to rot and become weak, causing steel pipes to rust, and de-laminating certain areas in your home. Some of this damage may happen slowly and you might begin to notice water spots on the ceiling or walls, however it can also be instantaneous damage such as flooding. Either way that water damage occurs, it is still a huge issue that can affect the quality and value of your home and living condition. Often times, insurance policies do not cover water damage or the process of restoration caused by water damage.

Water Damage in your homeThat’s why Jeff Tallon Enterprises offer top-notch commercial and home services with a competent and trustworthy reputation. There may be multiple causes to water damage in your home such as a broken dishwasher hose, washing machine overflow, broken or leaky pipes, clogged toilets, leaking roof, moisture behind walls, foundation cracks, and bad weather. Whatever your situation may be, it is important to quickly fix your water damage problem before it becomes a larger, more expensive problem. For example, small water spots on walls or ceilings are often ignored because it is thought that discoloration will occur over simple wear and tear of a home, however if not treated correctly, more and more moisture may build up and cause mold to spread throughout your house. The spreading of mold may cause serious health consequences such as allergies, chronic cough, difficulty breathing, and headaches. Jeff Tallon Enterprise, offers services to avoid water damage and basement flooding. They offer a state of the art gutter protection system to avoid build up in your gutters, ultimately diminishing the amount of moisture build-up in your roof. They also offer basement flooding repairs and the installation of preventative drainage systems to avoid potential future flooding. If there’s one thing that you should be aware of when living in your home, it’s water damage and the certain actions taken that could potentially cause water damage. Jeff Tallon Enterprises offer free estimates and consultations on your residential and commercial water damage, helping you to avoid pricey repairs and future damage to your home.